Your investment in ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC is profitable thrice.

1. Through increase of stock value

Generally – as it is the case with most investment companies – you acquire shares, of which you profit once these shares rise in value. Considering the yet cost-effective issue value of USD 1.00 / share, an increase of stock value is expected within a foreseeable time frame.

Projections as per the income statement of the current Cebu project alone offer sufficient potential for a significant increase of stock value. Of course, we can not guarantee a long-term economic success.
Needless to say, all project data developed and gathered during the development phase were scrupulously analyzed and verified by ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC prior to the launch of the project.

2. Dividend from profit sharing

ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC reinvests your investment 100% object-related, enabling you to profit once more. ENP´s investment into the Cebu project (soon to be extended to further projects) will generate own profits soon after the production line is put into operation. Regardless of any other specified investment returns you are eligible for a share of these profits – according to the number of shares you own.

We further want to highlight that a retention period of 4 years applies when purchasing shares of ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC, ensuring that no project can be endangered through capital drain.

Once the operating company of the Cebu project has completed the return of investment to ENP, you can individually decide whether you would like to cash out your investment or reinvest into another sustainable project.

3. Additional return on your investment

Cebu project projections indicate an expected payout of 7% p.a., beginning from year two of the investment and retroactively applied to the first year as well. Needless to say, you will receive this dividend throughout the entire period of your investment.
In case the operating company has completed the return of your investment to ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC and you plan to reinvest your capital into another ENP project, you are still eligible for dividend.
The annual report regularly keeps you updated with the latest numbers – enabling you to decide individually whether to keep your capital working for you, or have it paid out.

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