About us

ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC was incorporated in March 2018 in London by German entrepreneur and nature enthusiast Siegfried Schmitt. After more than 30 successful years in the real estate industry, it was private reasons that led him to the Philippines – while still maintaining his economic footing in Europe. A reliable team and a carefully chosen successor ensure the ongoing success of his renowned real estate consulting office in his absence. A further economic mainstay, a media agency, is also based in London.

The Philippines – country and people alike – and the local conditions in agriculture and forestry soon drew his attention to bamboo. The countless economic possibilities, but also the numerous positive social and environmental aspects of the plant fascinated him. Alongside his extensive research he established close contacts with local institutions, entrepreneurs and private individuals, all sharing his excitement for bamboo. Collaborating in projects that make use of bamboo as renewable resource was the logical next step.

ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC was registered as investment corporation, specializing exclusively in financing projects with proven sustainability. In order to operate succesfully, strong controlling and assessment systems have been developed.

Siegfried Schmitt’s Slogan:

Don’t just talk. Act!

Sustainability. Since years this term is being used so frequently throughout economy, media and politics that the actual meaning of this word has degenerated into an empty idiom. But what does sustainability really mean?

Wikipedia puts the term in a nutshell: Sustainability is a principle of action for the use of resources, in which the preservation of the natural regeneration capacity of the systems involved (especially of living things and ecosystems) ensures a lasting satisfaction of needs (sustainable management).

We believe that sustainability is the basis of successful and responsible economics, and therefore the foundation of your investment return. If you agree with us, we look forward to hear from you.

P.S .: If you are interested in more than just financial participation in ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC, kindly submit your unsolicited application directly to info@eco-nature-products.eu.

We look forward to hear from you.